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Coir Fiber Products

Coir Geo-nets

Made from 100% machine made coconut fiber twines woven into high strength nets and used in controlling erosion and establishing vegetation. Ideal for slope stabilization and stream bank protection. more >>

Coir twine or yarn
100% coconut fiber machine twisted into high strength twines with twine diameters of 4mm, 6mm or 9mm. This is packed in balls of 3 to 5 kilos each. more >>

Baled Fiber
Decorticated coconut fiber compressed in bales of 120 kilos each. more >>

Coir Dust Products

Cocopeat Blocks for Animal Bedding
100% natural and organic coir fiber pith or dust made entirely from coconut husks. Ideal for use as animal bedding of horses, cattle, etc. Its high water retention capacity effectively absorbs animal urine and waste several times its weight and minimizes foul odor. Once saturated with animal urine and waste, the cocopeat block can be converted to organic fertilizer. Unlike synthetic materials, the cocopeat block has no harmful effects to the animal because it is natural and organic. more >>

Cocopeat Bricks and Blocks for planting medium
100% natural coir dust made from coconut husks. Ideal organic growing medium for seed germination and propagation of cuttings. As a soil amendment, improves soil structure and holds fertilizers and nutrients well. High water retention capacity with superior drainage resulting to less frequent watering. more >>

Cocopeat or Coir Dust in Sack
Ideal growing medium for seedlings. Coconut Coir Dust sieved in 6mm mesh. Packed in PP woven sack. Moisture Content is 50-60%. Each sack weighs 20-25 kilos. more >>

Coco Wonder Plus All Purpose Growing Medium
A ready-to-use fast growth planting medium for a wide variety of plants such as ornamentals, cut-flowers, vegetables and fruit trees. This specialty growing medium contains quality raw materials blended from premium cocopeat, processed seaweeds, and other organic ingredients. Packed in bags of 3 kilos and 20 kilos each. more >>

Fiber Pith Fire Briquettes
100% natural and organic coconut fiber pith or dust made from coconut husks. Absolutely environment friendly because each briquette is entirely produced from husks which are renewable resources from coconut trees. Ideal as fuel for the fireplace providing much heat for a longer period of time because of its high compression compared to wood and other materials. more >>

Coconut Oil Products

Virgin Coconut Oil
The first extraction from fresh matured coconut through "cold-pressed" process without chemicals, additives and preservatives. An all-natural, unrefined, unbleached and non-deodorized oil that is ideal as a food supplement because of its many health benefits. It can also be used as a raw material for soaps, shampoos, lotions and other cosmetic products. more >>

Refined, Bleached & Deodorized (RBD) Oil
A fully-refined coconut oil that can be used as a frying medium (cooking oil), raw material for cosmetic products, and raw material for coco bio-diesel. more >>


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