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Coir Geo-nets

twine diameter : 4 mm
width : 1-2 meters
length : 50 meters

twine diameter : 6 mm
width : 1-2 meters
length : 50 meters

twine diameter : 9 mm
width : 1-2 meters
length : 50 meters

coir geo-nets

COCONET or COCOMAT is a high-strength and high-durability coir woven blanket. It is 100 % organic, yet provides heavy duty performance for 3-5 years. It performs well on steep slopes, in high velocity flow channels and in shoreline and stream bank stabilization.

An excellent tool for bioengineering designs and constructions. It is a highly versatile, biodegradable, economical and durable organic erosion control material. It provides excellent ground cover and lasts until vegetation takes control. Successfully controls erosion on slopes, stream banks and in channels.

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Coir twine or yarn
100 % Coir Fiber machine twisted into high strength
twines with twine diameter of 4 mm, 6 mm, and 9 mm.

Moisture content : below 20%.

Packing : packed in balls of 3-5 kilos each.

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Baled Fiber

100 % Clean Coir Mixed Fiber (Mixture of Bristle and Mattress Fiber) Classified as CH3

Length of Fiber : 6.25cm to 12.5 cm or more

Color : Light Brown to Dark brown

baled fiber in bulk baled fiber

Moisture content : below 20%. Sundried. High compression.

Impurity : Lower than 6%

Packing : individually secured with plastic straps

Loading dimension : 168 bales at 120 kg. per bale for a total of 20,160 kg can be loaded to a 40 ft. high cube container

Weight : 120 kg. per bale

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